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Organization Brief Introduction

*History -- Organization History of Central Region Branch, National Property Administration, MOF

Central Region Office

The Central Region Office, National Property Administration was founded on December 13th, 1960, located at No. 75, Chunghua Road Sec. 1, Taichung City. Since then, the office has been relocated several times: in 1964, moved to No. 397, Fusing Road Sec. 3, Taichung City; in 1967, moved to No. 8, Ziyou Road, Taichung City; in 1970, moved to No. 103, Ziyou Road Sec. 1, Taichung City. On June 28th, 1999, in order to accommodate to the government’s utilization policies, and to accept the reallocation of personnel originally in the Taiwanese provincial government, the office, except for the investigation department, was to relocate again to F8 & F9, No. 150, Ziyou Road Sec 1, Taichung City, due to the insufficiency of working space. Areas that the office governed included Taichung City, Taichung County, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Changhua County, Nantou County and Yunlin County, a total of 8 cities and counties. At the time, apart from Taichung City, other cities and counties all contained administrative offices at each location. In August of 1966, only the Hsinchu and Yunlin offices remained, all the other administrative offices were removed.

During 1997, the National Properties Administration established regulations amendments, completed the legislation process for each and every area, and enforced the new rules and regulations under the announcement of the president. According to the newly assessed set of laws, the Section of Receiving and Custody, the Section of Investigation, the Section of Disposal, the Section of Management, and the Section of Development were to be set up in the Central Region Office, National Property Administration and would supervise the take over, the examination, the dealing, the management and the expansion of the national properties, respectively; the information department, secretarial department, the accounting department, the human resources department and the civil service ethics department would supervise the computerization, the general affairs, the accounting, the human resources and the civil service ethics of the national properties, respectively. Also, the Hsinchu and the Yunlin administrative offices were expanded and renamed as the Hsinchu and Yunlin Subsidiary Offices for the Central Region Office. Also, a new office was established at Nantou County.

Based on the needs of operations and the convenience for civilian, in agreement to the “National Properties Administration Subsidiary Offices Organization Policies,” part 8, with the verification of the national government, the Changhua Subsidiary Office was established to expand the service area of the Central Region Office, National Property Administration, in order to manage the national properties affairs in Changhua County.

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