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Latest News

   *The latest news of this administration
Date Title Unit
2018-03-16  Creation of a special website section dedicated to the allocation of state-owned land for solar power installations by the National Property Administration in line with green energy policies  Secretariat 
2018-02-27  Rent for state-owned plots recalculated based on new land values announced on January 1, 2018 by all cities and counties  Secretariat 
2018-01-17  The National Property Administration (NPA) amends the   Secretariat 
2017-12-28  The Ministry of Finance amends provisions for state-owned non-public use real-estate for improvement and utilization to create a favorable environment that draws private investments.  Secretariat 
2017-11-17  The Ministry of Finance makes national real property available to be in line with the social housing policy  Secretariat 
2017-10-05  The Ministry of Finance amended the   Secretariat 
2017-09-14  The Ministry of Finance amended the Disposal Directions for National Land Located within the Space of Urban Renewal Enterprises to Strengthen the Participation of State-Owned Land in Urban Renewal Mechanism  Secretaria